4 Foot Viper Pattern Hybrid Stock Whip


Our 4 foot hybrid stock whips are fast, light and easy to use. Like all our whips this whip is made with nylon cord,  waxed and comes with a 16 inch half braided handle and 20 inch fall. Your whip will come fully assembled and ready to crack right out of the box. This particular pattern of hybrid stock whip has the most variety of colors. You choose 3 colors that will be highlighted by black. You will choose colors in order of dominance. #1 will be the color that runs throughout the whip and will also be included in the heel knot on the handle. #2 will be the color that is dropped second (included in 2/3 of the whip), this will be the color of the fall and will also be included in the heel knot. #3 will be the color first dropped (included only in the first half of the whip). In the drop down below please list the colors you would like in order of dominance.

*Please note we currently have a wait time of about 12-18 weeks for all new orders.

*Also if you are ordering internationally know that you may be subject to your countries importation taxes.

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